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Activity Overview

  • Say they:Maui – Kihei/Wailea (Sul), Maui – Lahaina (Oeste)
  • Duration:Varies! Most last 2 to 3.5 hours
  • Included in the price:dinner, show and more. See individual descriptions for details.

With experience guiding guests to mediocre shows and amazing performances, we've curated our list of Maui's top five luaus, broken down by location. Each of these luaus offers great food and a great show in a beautiful setting. If you decide to go to a Maui Luau, that's what you should focus on. But plan ahead, as the best luaus tend to be booked well in advance.

Before we dive in, a quick note on pricing: we've posted pricing here, but we've seen pricing rise and change fairly frequently. We will update the prices regularly, but the price listed here may differ slightly from the current purchase price.

Beste Luaus in West Maui – Lahaina und Ka'anapali

Alte Lahaina

Unofficially considered the best luau on Maui,Velho Lahaina LuauIt offers pretty much everything you could hope for in a luau. Located on historic Lahaina Beach, the Old Lahaina Luau offers a spectacular location for the spectacular sunset.

Highlights include:

  • Five-course meal featuring braised imu pork, Maui-style fish and barbecue chicken
  • Table and chair seating or traditional seating
  • Premium open bar
  • Floral lei and tropical drink greeting

Why we love it:You can't beat the location of this show. Combined with the great food and pre-show activities, this luau is a great luau experience with a small, intimate atmosphere.

Ort: Lahaina, Maui
Long: 3 hours
Preis: 229 $

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Celebrations in Lele

Another option in Lahaina, theCelebrations in Leleoffers an experience unlike what you will find at most luaus. This is more of a dinner show, with each dish accompanied by stories and dances from the island. For example, the first course is traditional Hawaiian food with a show of traditional Hawaiian songs, dances and chants. The second course focuses on food and entertainment in Aotearoa, now New Zealand.

There is less interaction compared to what you will find at other luaus (e.g. no walking to see the underground oven orEU), but the focus is on a really entertaining dinner show.

Highlights include:

  • The five-course menu by chef Adrian Aina
  • Oceanfront Luau - Great spot for the sunset
  • open bar
  • Private tables for your party
  • Flower lei and mai tai greeting

Why we love it:We love the sunset views and the fine table service.

Ort: Lahaina, Maui (Lahaina hieß ursprungsling Lele)
Long: 3 hours, start time varies depending on sunset
Preis: $ 193

Book with feast in Lele

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Melhores luaus no sul de Maui – Kihei und Wailea

A party in Mokapu

Located at the Andaz Hotel, it's hard to fault this luau. It's reasonably priced (possibly the most expensive on Maui) but offers an exceptional experience. There are fun activities before the luau begins and then get ready for the show. Somehow it all feels very intimate. One thing to note is that they book mixed tables so you don't dine alone with your group.


  • Premium and Classic seats available
  • The Unlimited Bar for both ticket levels
  • courtesy photo
  • in Beira March
  • Pre-luau activities like fake tattoos and lei making

Why we love it:If you are looking for a luxury luau, this one really is something special. Andaz Hotel's location is magical, even after the sun has set. While you are in a hotel it somehow enhances and enhances the atmosphere of the night.

Ort: Das Andaz-Hotel, Wailea
Long: 2.5 hours
Preis: $ 290

Te Au Moana Wailea Beach Resort

If you're looking for a beautiful venue, exceptional service, a skip-the-line buffet and more, this luxurious luau in Wailea is for you. The Wailea Beach Resort really creates a special atmosphere on a lawn overlooking the ocean. The food is served family style and the show is performed against a stunning backdrop of the sunset. One thing to note is that they book mixed tables so you don't dine alone with your group.


  • Premium and Standard seats are available (5 years and under are free!)
  • 3-course family-style menu, no waiting at the buffet!
  • Excellent location overlooking the sea
  • open bar
  • Pork (emu) roasted in an underground oven

Why we love it:This is a premium priced luau and it really feels premium. The location, size, service and food are excellent.

Ort: Wailea Beach Resort, Wailea
Long: 3.5 hours
Preis: $265 for Standard and $295 for Premium

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Luau hails from Grand Wailea

This luau didn't make our list of the best luaus in Hawaii overall (the competition was stiff), but it did make our list as one of the best luaus in Maui. With excellent service, great location, and a solid menu, this is a good luau to consider. However, what really sets us apart is that you have a table just for your party. So if that's important to you, this is a luau to consider!


  • Keiki (kid-friendly) food options
  • open bar
  • fire dance
  • Pre-show activities such as ukulele lessons
  • Family style meals
  • Location overlooking the sea

Why we love it:The luau offers seating for private parties, so you and your party are alone at your table and not at a shared table with other attendees.

Ort: Grande Wailea, Wailea
Long: 2.5 hours
Preis: $265 standard seats, $325 premium seats

Make a reservation at the Grand Wailea

Frequently Asked Questions about Maui Luau

Best Maui Luaus on the Beach

Technically, there are no beachfront luaus in Maui since all beaches in Hawaii are public. But there are some amazing beach or oceanfront luaus that offer stunning views, especially at sunset. For the best beachfront luaus, we recommend Old Lahaina Luau and Feast at Lele.

Are luaus worth it on Maui?

It depends what your expectations are. Luaus can be a great experience that will be a memorable part of your vacation. Or they can be a disappointment and something you wish you hadn't done. But the key is knowing what to expect and what you will like.

If you're going to Las Vegas for the shows, then a luau is your thing, so find your type and book early! If you're not on a budget and just want to enjoy a nightly show, you'll probably love a luau.

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But if you're on the fence, here are some reasons why most people end up feeling let down. For the high price they expect the food to be better. But these luaus seat over 100 people, often in buffet style, and feature traditional fare, so this probably won't be the best meal you'll have on the island. If you expect a high-priced, gourmet meal and aren't too concerned with entertainment, a luau may not be the activity for you. But don't worry, we've listed some alternatives below.

The most authentic luau in Maui

The most authentic luau on Maui is thisVelho Lahaina Luau. Consistently rated as one of the best in Hawaii, this luau incorporates many traditional elements such as mat seating, imu, and pre-show activities.

Best Maui Luau for families

While all Maui luaus are family-friendly, there is one that stands out. I hate to repeat myself here, butVelho Lahaina LuauIt's a great show for kids. Between the activities, the mat seating, the location near the beach, and the price, this is your best choice for a great Maui family luau.

Is it better to go to a luau on Maui or Oahu?

While both islands have great luaus, going to a Maui luau is the best option when you have a choice. Not only does Maui have excellent luaus to choose from (all 5 on this list!), but they are also conveniently located. You'll find great luaus in Maui, where most people stay, in Lahaina/Ka'anapali or Wailea so you don't have to go far.

While Oahu has excellent luaus, some of the best are far from most people, requiring more time and effort to get to and from your luau. For example,Toa Luau is amazing, but is on the north coast of the island. If you're staying in Waikiki, the drive to the luau takes about an hour. If you're staying in Ka'anapali, Maui, it's only a 15-minute drive to the Old Lahaina Luau.

Check the list of ourFavorite luaus on Oahu and the rest of the Hawaiian Islands.

What to Expect from a Luau?

A luau has two main components: the party and the entertainment. Most luaus follow the same format, which includes entertainment upon arrival and before the show, dinner (buffet, family style, or plate), and then the main luau show. Luaus usually last 2-3 hours, thoughPolynesian Cultural Center on Oahuit's an all day affair.

traditional luau food

Luau foods include traditional Polynesian canoe harvests and new dishes brought from around the world by missionaries, whalers and plantation workers. For example, a luau always includes poke, poi, kalua pork, lomi lomi salmon, and lau lau. Learn moreon hereabout these dishes.

One of our favorite parts is digging up the pig from the imu (underground oven).

Luau entertainment

On the entertainment front, most luaus feature dances from a mix of Polynesian islands. The fire knife dance is a Samoan tradition, not Hawaiian. It's fun to see the different dances of each Polynesian nation. But some luaus, like the Old Lahaina Luau, are strictly Hawaiian in dance, food, and storytelling.

Here are the luau features to look out for when booking:

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  • Price – Luaus range from $115 to $280 plus taxes and fees. Most luaus cost $180 per person. Prices have gone up this year.
  • Hawaiian or Polynesian dance - if you want to see fire dancing, watch a Polynesian show.
  • Food - The most expensive luaus are served at the table, some show off the skills of the chef. Larger luaus offer buffet service.
  • Drinks and Cocktails – In our experience, table service luaus include an open bar with cocktails, beer and wine. Large luaus include drink menus and a cash bar. Expect long lines at the bar for big luaus.
  • Location – Oceanfront, sunset views, small lawn at your resort, amphitheater performance at a luau venue, parking at a water park are all possible locations to choose from.
  • Activities - Take part in coconut shelling, hula lessons, lei making, javelin throwing and other cultural activities before or during the dinner show. Big luaus usually include a fun variety of activities for you and your kids.

Luau alternatives

If this is your first time visiting Hawaii and you can't seem to get into a luau, we say don't worry. Below we present a list of cultural and entertainment alternatives. For a deeper cultural experience, try one or more of the following activities:

  • Take a Hawaiian canoe ride
  • Visit a museum like the Maui Historical Society
  • Hula dance classes are offered at resorts and malls.
  • Hula shows are available for free at most malls and outlets. We like to goStores in WaileaeMaui outletsfor free shows in Maui
  • Wailea's Maui businesses are restartingFree concert seriesfrom July 29th. Watch Grammy Award-winning Kalani Pe'a for Free!
  • We have68 things to do with kids on Mauiwhen you need more family ideas!

And if you're interested in all of our other favorite Maui activities, be sure to check out ours. From sunrise in Haleakala to an amazing snorkeling trip. We cover the best of the best.


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