Top 10 PBS Cooking Shows of 2022 - StreamDiag (2023)

Would you like to improve your cooking skills? Or do you love the art of eating and enjoy all things culinary?

Top 10 PBS Cooking Shows of 2022 - StreamDiag (1)

Finding the right show that hits all the right points can be difficult, but don't worry; We are here for you!

We've compiled a list of PBS cooking shows that you're sure to love:


1. The great American recipe

Litter:Alejandra Ramos (Gastgeberin), Tiffany Derry, Leah Cohen, Graham Elliot

Top 10 PBS Cooking Shows of 2022 - StreamDiag (2)

The host of this new eight-part cooking competition is the trained chef and food writer Alejandra Ramos. It showcases the multicultural factors that make American food so iconic and distinctive.

Additionally, the series provides an opportunity for talented and passionate home cooks across America to showcase their unique dishes. The winner gets the titleThe great American recipe.

Professional chefs and judges Leah Cohen, Graham Elliot and Tiffany Derry provide helpful insights from a professional and knowledgeable perspective. They give the competitors a little extra support during their title run.

2. The Frontier as Pati Jinich

Litter:Pati Jinich

Top 10 PBS Cooking Shows of 2022 - StreamDiag (3)

(Video) The Real Reason The Food Network Canceled These Popular Shows

Join James Beard Award-winning host Pati Jinich on her journey to El Paso, Ciudad Juarez, Nuevo Laredo, and a list of other regions along the US-Mexico border, and share meals with locals as they learn about the mix who thinks about different cultures.

Pati is best known for her performance as the host of the four-time Emmy-nominated and three-time James Beard Award-winning food series.Mexican Table von Pati.

She alternated careers as a political analyst and executive chef at the Mexican Cultural Institute in Washington DC.

Pati Jinich is now living her dream of conducting in-depth interviews with locals while immersing herself in the different cultures.

She is also the author ofthree cookbooks, so if there's anyone who gets her stuff when it comes to food, it's Pati.

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3. Dinner with Julia Child

Litter:José Andres, Eric Ripert, Vivian Howard, Marcus Samuelsson, Carla Hall, Sara Moulton, Rick Bayless, Jacques Pépin, Martha Stewart

Top 10 PBS Cooking Shows of 2022 - StreamDiag (4)

Emmy and Peabody Award winner Julia Child paved the way for culinary experts to showcase their skills on television.

From 1963 withThe French chef, Julia taught generations to cook and eat well. It suits her charming and quirky personality.

More than fifty years after the debut ofThe French chef, some of today's most beloved chefs and celebrities gathered to enjoy some of the series' most popular episodes. This is a tribute to this pioneering woman in the culinary world.

Also, in one of the episodes, we see José Andres and Eric Ripert marvel at Julia Child's hands-on approach to a whole fish. Finally, José jokes about his guilt towards Julia for making fish a popular dish in America.

Other celebrities and professional chefs to appear on the series include Vivian Howard, Martha Stewart, Rick Bayless, Carla Hall and Marcus Samuelsson.

This series is a mix of older cooking shows on public television and newer cooking shows on PBS. It offers an insightful, entertaining, and deeply personal appreciation of the world of food.

(Video) PBS Passport Cooking Shows

4. No passport required

Litter:Marcus Samuelsson

Top 10 PBS Cooking Shows of 2022 - StreamDiag (5)

Hosted by celebrated chef Marcus Samuelsson.Passport not requiredis a six-part series featuring poets, chefs, musicians, leaders and home cooks who have enriched American culture through food.

Each week, Marcus takes us on an inspirational journey across the United States. He explores and appreciates the diversity of immigrant cuisine that has merged with American food and enriched an already vibrant culture.

Passport not requiredreally shows how food brings old and new Americans from all walks of life together around one table.

5. Somewhere in the south

Litter:Vivian Howard

Top 10 PBS Cooking Shows of 2022 - StreamDiag (6)

host of the famous cooking show,A chef's life, bestselling author and professional chef Vivian Howard delves deep into the roots of southern cooking, southern life and southern cuisine.

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The series examines the cohesiveness between the many ways different cultures interpret the same dish, while also exploring the complex identities and historical background that make up the American South.

Vivian Howard takes us on this extraordinary journey through the South, from exploring the uses of pickles to learning about the relationship between pies, labor and migration in early America.

6. Lidia Celebrates America: Overcoming Adversity

Litter:Lydia Bastianich

Top 10 PBS Cooking Shows of 2022 - StreamDiag (7)

Join Lidia Bastianich, professional chef, best-selling cookbook author and award-winning TV presenter, in this new special.

(Video) Good Food, Good Life, 365: Sue's Farewell

She travels across America, from the big, bustling cities to the remote corners of rural America. Throughout the show, she speaks to a group of Americans who have overcome adversity and turned their losses into victories by serving their communities.

Unlike most PBS cooking shows, Lidia's travels don't just focus on the culinary aspects. Instead, she's more focused on starting conversations.

A wrongly convicted man who became a lawyer and advocate for the underprivileged. A paralyzed New York restaurateur who opened an accessible restaurant and founded a nonprofit organization to support and empower people with disabilities. A group of veterans who help people affected by natural disasters.

These are just some interesting conversations to expect in this series.

7. The life of a chef

Litter:Vivian Howard, Ben Ritter

Top 10 PBS Cooking Shows of 2022 - StreamDiag (8)

This exciting series comes from the hosts ofsomewhere in the southwith her husband Ben Knight, who gives us a glimpse into their lives after they left New York to open an upscale restaurant in East North Carolina.

The thirteen-week series follows Vivian Howard through cornfields, gardens and pig farms as she searches for the freshest ingredients to inspire her recipes.

The show is a true celebration of food from farm to table.

8. Martha is baking

Litter:Martha Stewart

Top 10 PBS Cooking Shows of 2022 - StreamDiag (9)

Join Martha Stewart as she shares her best baking techniques and tips. Watching her gives you the confidence to learn how to make the best baked goods and desserts in the comfort of your own home.

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She shares updated versions of well-known favorites in this series, adding new angles with new ingredients and flavors.

(Video) Gordon Ramsay's Introduction To Cooking | DOUBLE FULL EPISODE | Ultimate Cookery Course

Martha takes us back to her old PBS cooking shows, from almond-filled cookies to sweet grape cakes and chocolate Charlotte.

9. Mesa Mexicana da Pati

Litter:Pati Jinich

Top 10 PBS Cooking Shows of 2022 - StreamDiag (10)

The host ofLa Frontera als Pati Jinichbrings us this new creation born out of nostalgia for the foods that marked his childhood in Mexico.

Pati takes us while she explores Mexico. Then she welcomes us into her kitchen and shows us how to prepare traditional Mexican dishes with a twist.

Each season, Pati explores a different region of Mexico to show us just how diverse and deep-rooted Mexican culture is.

She also gives us an exclusive look at Mexico's fascinating history and introduces us to the chefs, families and artisans behind some of these recipes.

Mexican Table von Patiis without a doubt one of the best cooking shows on PBS.

10. America's Test Kitchen

Litter:Bridget Lancaster, Julia Collin Davison, Keith Dresser, Becky Hays, Lan Lam, Erin McMurrer, Elle Simone Scott, Dan Souza

Top 10 PBS Cooking Shows of 2022 - StreamDiag (11)

America's test kitchenis one of the most-watched cooking shows on public television. It has over 2 million viewers tuning in during the average minute.

It will be moderated by Bridget Lancaster and Julia Collin Davison. The show gained recognition for sharing culinary skills and deep knowledge of food with viewers. You will know hundreds of recipes prepared by the hosts as test chefs on the air.

In the show's final season, they change the game by bringing gear ratings. You will also enjoy looking at taste tests and recipes that you can easily prepare at home.

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The Great American Recipe is a new eight-part uplifting cooking competition that celebrates the multiculturalism that makes American food unique and iconic.

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4. The Great American Recipe | Inside Look | Coming to PBS June 2022
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6. Great British Bake Off - SNL
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