The nine Michelin Star restaurants closest to Teesside (2023)

When it comes to eating out, Michelin-starred restaurants are as elegant as they come. We have many Michelin listsrestaurants in our patch, and a place that has two stars to be proud of if dining well is your thing.

Many foodies travel across the country to eat at these acclaimed places, so we've listed the ones closest to us, most of which can be reached within an hour's drive from Teesside.

There is also a new one for 2023, but you will have to travel to theA19to Tyneside to try it out. Solstice, which is located on The Side on Newcastle's Quayside, is Kenny Atkinson's second restaurant; he also runs the Michelin-starred House of Tides a little further down the Quayside.

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Here's the list of Michelin-starred restaurants closest to our patch - bon appetit if you're thinking of trying any of them.

1. Raby Hunt, Summerhouse, Darlington

The nine Michelin Star restaurants closest to Teesside (1)

2 stars

Cocina:modern british

How far:16.4 miles

What the Michelin Guide says:"This former shepherd's inn in a pretty country village was originally part of the Raby Estate and its name refers to its being a favorite drop-off point for big game. It is owned by the Close family, with their son James running the open kitchen, leading to the elegant and clean dining room.

Self-taught chef James is full of passion, and in his pursuit of perfection, he has never lost a job. Its highly original and engaging menu is a showcase for precision, from a selection of sandwiches reflecting its world travels to signature dishes like a seasonal salad featuring 48 to 52 top-tier ingredients, presented in a tempting array of textures and temperatures. . Finally, you will find some of the most sublime desserts in the country.

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Elegant and quiet rooms complete the picture."

2. Black Swan, Oldstead

1 estrella

Cocina:modern british

How far:34.8 miles

What the Michelin Guide says:"Tucked away in country lanes, the Black Swan belongs to the Banks family, who have farmed the area for generations. It is centered around a small pub with exposed beams, flagstone floors and a fireplace - the ground floor is the setting for snacks and coffee., while upstairs is a simple but pleasantly furnished restaurant with candlelit tables and a relaxed atmosphere.

The attractive modern menu adopts a tasting format and is driven by produce from their local farm, garden and hedgerows. They use a variety of preservation techniques to ensure the durability of these ingredients, resulting in dishes with bold contrasts, lots of depth, and very little waste. The preparation is highly skilled, the flavors harmonious and the presentation attractive, and all the wines on the attractive list are available by the glass.

Rooms with antique furniture have private patios."

3. Star Inn, Harome, Helmsley

The nine Michelin Star restaurants closest to Teesside (3)

1 estrella

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Cocina:modern british

How far:41.1 miles

What the Michelin Guide says:Currently closed due to fire, it will reopen in the summer of 2022.

This 14th century thatched building oozes character with its low beamed ceilings and fires burning in the log fires. While the restaurant side has an upscale feel, it's still very much the village spot and you'll find regulars sipping beer at the signature bar.

This is a place that proudly defends its region of origin, with fish fromWhitby, game from the Yorkshire Moors and vegetables from the garden, and Chef Steve Smith uses these ingredients to create rich, bold and flavorful dishes with a classic foundation and modern twists. The wine list, for its part, offers bottles from some lesser-known producers and processors.

The terrace and gardens provide a relaxing spot, and across the road are a series of converted farm buildings with ultra-stylish rooms: one has a pool table; another, a bed suspended from ropes".

4. Solstice by Kenny Atkinson, Newcastle

1 estrella

Cocina:modern british

How far:40 miles

What the Michelin Guide says:"This intimate, bespoke restaurant is just around the corner from the chef-owner's flagship of the same name, House of Tides, serving a multi-course tasting menu of well-balanced, complex, modern dishes and the maturity of the kitchen ensures that the focus is largely on the quality of the diverse selection of ingredients, and the sauces are particularly memorable.The chefs themselves present the dishes to their guests and provide detailed descriptions of their composition.Choose the wine for the best gastronomic experience."

5. House of the Tides, Newcastle

The nine Michelin Star restaurants closest to Teesside (4)

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1 estrella


How far:42.5 miles

What the Michelin Guide says: "This characteristic Grade I listed merchant's house is located on the historic quayside. It's a spacious place, with a rustic bar downstairs with flagstone floors, cast-iron pillars, and exposed brick, and an upstairs restaurant characterized by sloping floors, lopsided ceilings, and carved beams.

Passionate chef and owner Kenny Atkinson fell in love with the place at first sight and wants your visit to be a real experience from start to finish. He is assisted by a friendly and knowledgeable service team and a sommelier who recommends excellent wine pairings for the well-balanced tasting menus. Elaborate and creative dishes evolve as ingredients come into season, using only high-quality produce. The attractively presented dishes are well thought out and the flavors have plenty of depth, and there is also the occasional playful touch in evidence. The Close, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 3RF, United Kingdom.

6. Raizes, York

1 estrella


How far:48 miles

What the Michelin Guide says:"Situated in a quiet part of town, this attractive Arts and Crafts building is the little brother of the Black Swan in Oldstead and shares its ethos of seasonality and sustainability. They originate from its garden kitchen, small regional vendors and chef's farm - Owner Tommy Banks' parents.The creative, modern dishes are carefully prepared and deceptively simple on the eye, yet offer great refinement and depth of flavor.There is plenty of choice on the well-chosen wine list, with everything available by the glass ".

7. Pino, East Wallhouses, Northumberland

1 estrella


How far:54 miles

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What the Michelin Guide says:A new addition for 2022: "Next to Hadrian's Wall, in the beautiful Northumberland countryside, is Vallum Farm, a community of small businesses that includes Cal Byerley and Siân Buchan's rustic first-floor restaurant.

On Fridays and Saturdays they serve afternoon tea, while evenings are all about showcasing Northumbrian ingredients in a multi-course tasting menu. Cal knows the local area intimately and, in addition to harvesting fresh ingredients from his garden, he leads his team on collecting missions and seeks out small growers, farmers and independent growers. With these products he creates small dishes that are finely crafted, full of color and really impress. The flavors reflect the area and every part of the ingredients is used expertly, some preserved for later use.
It is worth doing the English wine flight, and they also make their own juices, tonics and infusions."

8. House, Wall, Hexham, Northumberland

1 estrella


How far:64.8 miles

What the Michelin Guide says:"The precise and original cuisine combines a handful of local ingredients with Scandinavian techniques and an element of finesse. The menu is a surprise, with dishes arriving in quick succession and enthusiastically described by the chefs. Wines and juices are available, and dishes "Modern. Spotless rooms complete the picture."

9. The man behind the curtain, Leeds

1 estrella


How far:68.7 miles

What the Michelin Guide says:"If you're looking for the unconventional, you've come to the right place. Michael O'Hare is a chef who does things his own way and his quirky basement restaurant matches his culinary style perfectly. Original dishes, very creative and artistically featured, many of which come with various Asian influences or are black in color, begin to arrive with your drink and you'll never know exactly what to expect next.

Thanks to the music and interior design, which includes everything from skateboards and graffiti to a surfboard and motorcycle, you'll find that you don't have to feed off other customers to create your own atmosphere. Plus, the disorienting mirrors lend an ethereal quality to the proceedings and make you feel like you're in your own bubble."


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