The complete guide to vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) services. (2023)

  • April 14, 2022

Who needs a vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer)?

Any business that uses digital assets and data must have a cybersecurity and data protection strategy (for GDPR compliance). Data is increasingly becoming one of the most valuable business assets across the industry, so protecting sensitive data and information is no longer optional.

However, we also live in an increasingly busy and interconnected world where we don't have time to fully consider the implications of a weak security framework. With limited resources, we often also have other priorities and need different resources before considering hiring an information security officer. Companies need sales, marketing, finance and operations people to grow...

This is where vCISO comes into play. Like a "virtual" chief information security officer, a vCISO is essentially a long-term third-party consultant, or team of consultants, working with you to improve your cybersecurity posture across all business teams and departments. . The vCISO usually works closely with the internal Data Protection Officer (DPO) to ensure that cybersecurity and data compliance strategies are aligned.

What is a vCISO?

A vCISO, similar to an internal Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), works at a higher level to identify weaknesses and develop a strategy to improve the information security framework. This strategy is designed from a holistic perspective and includes staff training, process development and appropriate technology deployment (the three pillars of cybersecurity for proactive protection: people, process and technology – click to explore):

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Implementation of relevant software solutions that fit the organization's processes and way of working.


Knowledge,trainingand education

Law Suit

Understand risks, controls, and configuration

A vCISO liaises with HR, IT, Finance and Operations to understand residual risks within the organization and how to manage and mitigate identified risks.

The vCISO will typically ask:

  • Do you have a complete asset record of all IT systems along with their current operating system and patch status?
  • Do you segregate and restrict access based on minimum privileges or roles (eg, by division, user/administrator, etc.)?
  • Does your disaster recovery include recovery from a cybercrime event (eg, loss of access to all data, emails, etc.)?
  • Is your GDPR sensitive data sufficiently encrypted, restricted and protected?
  • Do you know the impact on your business if your confidential and/or customer data were publicly leaked?
  • Do you get regular independent verification that your information security settings are adequate and up to date?
  • Are you monitoring all security events? Would you know if a malicious actor gained access to your systems?

By understanding and quantifying the risks an organization faces, a vCISO can develop a unique strategy for customized business needs. This strategy should follow the industry standard.NIST frameworkto improve the overall cybersecurity posture of companies that fall into the five categories: Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond, and Recover.

Improving a NIST report with the help of a VCISO will usually look like this, depending on your available time and budget (a good vCISO is usually flexible here):

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How it works?

Riela's vCISO is a flat fee or retention relationship that fits your needs. We often start with higher and more focused engagement to ensure we immerse ourselves in your organization, while in the long run it will be less intensive once we develop the strategy and action items. We typically recommend a budget of £2,000 to start with, while the cost will generally reduce over time to around £1,500-£1,000 a month.

Our vCISO service can work with ourSOC servicesor be completely independent of any of our other services. A vCISO is responsible for designing and recommending the best solution for the customer.

We don't ask our clients to just take our word for it, but we also offer our vCISO clients independent third-party verification through an annual IASME accreditation.

Learn more about ourvCISO services hereor fill out this form today to contact our cyber engineers directly:

Join industry leaders in the fight against cybercrime with Riela

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Managing Director of the Riela Group

Robert Tobin is the CEO ofRiela Groupof Companies and is responsible for overseeing our business operations, our people and driving excellence in everything we do.

Rob brings over 25 years of successful leadership and business experience across industries including Family Office, Corporate Services, Construction Engineering, Superyachts, Cybersecurity and Information Technology Development to our Group and our customers.

Over the past 15 years, Rob has earned an outstanding reputation in the superyacht industry for his passion, integrity, innovation and achievements to date.

“Being part of an amazing, capable and forward-thinking team who share a passion for superyachts, people and the environment is the highlight of my career and puts a smile on my face and a lift in my step every day. you days".

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cristian goelz


Christian is involved across the Riela family of companies with a focus on technology, cyber and technology businesses.

Christian earned a master's degree in finance from the University of Neuchâtel, Switzerland, and completed his MBA from the Booth School of Business at the University of Chicago.

Prior to joining us, Christian worked for six years at Argosy Capital, an Isle of Man based private equity and venture capital firm focusing on early stage growth businesses. At Argosy, he focused on managing financial analysis, research and investment firms and served as a director on several boards.

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Jose Ikhalia

Cybersecurity Engineer, Risk and Threat Management Leader

Joseph is a Cybersecurity Engineer and Risk Lead on the Security Operations Center team. Joseph is responsible for internal audit and cyber risk management, vulnerability assessment, threat hunting and penetration testing to provide effective oversight of client and internal risk postures.

Joseph brings 8 years of cybersecurity and risk research experience, with a focus on web-based technologies, security awareness innovation, malware threats, reverse engineering and systems auditing.

With a PhD in Computer Science and a penchant for security innovation, Joseph specializes in threat detection using an avalanche of industry tools, techniques and methodologies to efficiently mitigate the known and emerging threats faced by our valued customers.

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Cybersecurity Engineer and Incident Response Lead

Saîd is a cyber engineer and incident response lead on the Security Operations Center team. Said brings his rich technical knowledge of security technologies to analyze and respond to security threats. With 13 years of cybersecurity experience, with a focus on identity and access management, PKI, incident response and SIEM, Saîd is instrumental in helping to formulate our strategic approach.

Saîd has a master's degree in Computer Engineering and is an Information Security specialist with certifications in CEH, CCSK and Splunk.

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Matthew Roberts

Group Sales Manager

As Head of Group Sales in the Riela family of companies, Matthew leads the company's sales strategy, execution and growth.

Matthew has a successful track record of building a trusting client relationship and meeting established expectations. An accomplished sales leader, he delivers a sales process that gives customers the information and support they need to make the right decisions for their organizations and their constituents.

Matthew has significant experience in the maritime industry, having previously worked in a variety of industries including insurance, security, satellite communications and managed IT. Matthew's most recent experience spans nearly 5 years with the leading provider of satellite communications and IT management for the maritime industry, with a focus on its superyacht clientele.

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marc dorey

Infrastructure and Managed Services Leader

Marc is our group's infrastructure and managed services leader, with over 18 years of experience delivering infrastructure projects across multiple industry verticals and international jurisdictions. From Aerospace and Engineering projects to Banking and Insurance, from Europe, China, Africa and Australia.

This experience is combined with a diverse list of certifications from industry-leading vendors such as HP, Cisco, Microsoft, Ruckus, CompTIA and more. As a qualified technical trainer, Marc can comfortably take complicated technical concepts and present them in layman's terms to key decision makers and end users.

Most of Marc's experience has been gained working for large and niche managed services providers, and as such he is able to take real-world experience and combine it with industry standards to help align our delivery of services with the values ​​and processes of our customers.

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Andres Clucas

senior network engineer

Andy is a qualified network engineer with a deep understanding of architecture, implementation and support of network solutions in SMB, enterprise and service provider environments.

He has over 20 years of experience working with multiple operating system vendors, including Cisco, Juniper, Linux and Microsoft, and has also been responsible for implementing a variety of large-scale network service deployments, taking projects from design to the delivery. support.

Andy also has experience deploying and migrating a variety of virtualization technologies, including VMWare, Hyper-V, and KVM-based systems.

The complete guide to vCISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) services. (10)

Tim happiness


Tim Bliss, Managing DirectorRiela TechnologySince founding the company in 2015 and managing director of Riela Cyber, he brings over 20 years of successful leadership experience across multiple industries, including finance and banking, software development and manufacturing, as well as cybersecurity and information technology. Prior to forming the company, he led technology at Manx Financial Group PLC, where he was instrumental in transforming business systems.

"It's our highly trained team of experts that drives our business – it's fantastic and rewarding to be able to use technology, intelligence and excellent service to help make our customers' businesses and people more efficient, resilient and secure."


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