The Best Meal Delivery Services for Singles or One Person (Updated for 2021!) (2023)

There are dozens of healthy meal kit subscriptions. But, as you may have noticed, when you're looking for a delivery for one person, your options run out quickly.

Of course, you can order a 2-person plan from a traditional food delivery service and bring the leftovers to work the next day (or use them for a quick dinner tomorrow night).

Of course, you can do some grocery shopping or order your favorite comfort foods to go.

But wouldn't it be nice if only a meal kit delivery service took care of you,It's you?

Well, I have good news: there are six great delivery companies that offer personalized food delivery options, and in this post, we'll help you find the best one for you.

And for all you home chefs out there, if ready meals aren't your thing, we'll also cover which two-person meal kit company we think is best for one.

let's dive!

Note: When we talk about services we believe in, we use affiliate links, which help cover the costs of running this site.

main features Price per meal/promotional codes
Recently Many tasty meals to choose from. US$ 9,49 – US$ 12,98;Save $60 with THIS LINK.
Factor 75 paleo and keto foods US$ 11 – US$ 15;Save $25 with code FACTOR2020
Veestro vegan/vegetarian ~ $ 11 – 13;Save 35% with code SPRING35.
professional food Protein-Rich Workout Meals ~ US$ 8,99 – US$ 10,99Try MealPro
frozen garden Easy to prepare smoothies ~ $ 5,95 – $ 6,99;Experience the Frozen Garden
CadaPlato Low Cost Per Serving Meal Kit ~ $ 4,99;Save 40% on EveryPlate!

Now that we've covered the big picture, let's dive into the details.

Here are our best singles meal kits:

1. Freshly: The Best Variety of Food for Singles

A subscription for singles

The Best Meal Delivery Services for Singles or One Person (Updated for 2021!) (1)

Freshly is a popular food delivery service that is often compared to popular alternatives likeHello Fresh and Blue Avental.

One key difference is that instead of shipping a box of ingredients, Freshly ships fully prepared meals. That means there's virtually no prep time in the kitchen.

Fresh meals arrive fresh, not frozen, already prepared for you. Prepared meals save you the hassle of prep and cleanup and are ready to gobble up in less than 3 minutes. Super convenient!

With Freshly, choose from a weekly rotating menu of more than 30 options. Meals are shipped in individual servings, allowing you to enjoy a tasty meal without drowning in leftovers.

recent health information

With "Nutritious recipes with the best ingredients" Freshly Meals are:

  • does not contain gluten
  • full of protein
  • Free of refined sugars
  • all natural

recent prices

Freshly offers 4 weekly meal plans based on the number of meal options you choose (4, 6, 10, or 12). Since your meals are ready in less than 3 minutes, Freshly is a great choice for lunch and dinner.

meals per week cost per meal cost per week
4 $ 12,98 $45.96 + $5.99 free = $51.95
6 $ 10,48 $56.94 + $5.99 free = $62.93
10 US$9.99 $89.90 + $9.99 Free = $99.89
12 $ 9,49 $101.88 + $11.99 free = $113.87

Save $60 in Recién!

2. Factor 75 – Best for Active Singles

Low Carb Meals for Keto and Paleo Eaters

The Best Meal Delivery Services for Singles or One Person (Updated for 2021!) (2)

Whether you're keto, paleo, gluten-free, or just eat low-carb, nutrient-dense foods, Factor 75 might be the best meal delivery service for you.

Finding high-quality recipes and ingredients for these popular diets can be time consuming, but Factor 75 makes it easy by shipping delicious, fully prepared, single-serving meals every week.

Factor 75 uses a team of nutritionists to design their menus and they even provide nutritional advice, ensuring customers with strict dietary needs can get what they need.

Factor 75 health information

All Factor 75 meals are:

(Video) Best ready-to-eat meal delivery services: No cooking required

  • grass fed
  • raised grass
  • does not contain gluten
  • No GMO
  • no hormone
  • Generally free of preservatives.

factor 75 price

Factor 75's subscription service costs are based on the number of meals you want delivered each week. Shipping is always free. These are the current delivery options.

  • 4 meals a week are $60/week (or $15 each meal)
  • 6 meals a week are $77/week (or $12.83 each meal)
  • 8 meals a week are $99/week (or $12.38 each meal)
  • 12 meals a week are $138/week (or $11.50 each meal)
  • 18 meals a week are $198/week (or $11 each meal)

Save $25 with codeFATOR2020.

Save $25 on Factor 75!

3. Meal Pro: Best Workout Meals for Singles

Customizable "Workout Meals"

The Best Meal Delivery Services for Singles or One Person (Updated for 2021!) (3)

Meal Pro is a comprehensive meal delivery service that delivers delicious pre-cooked meals shipped in special coolers to keep them fresh.

“Designed by athletes and prepared by expert chefs,” Meal Pro is aimed at individuals with fitness goals and offers “workout meals delivered” that contain more than 35g of protein per meal and 25-ounce servings.

Another great feature of Meal Pro is that it is highly customizable, perfect for all omnivores. Do you want extra protein? Did you understand. Carb free? Double vegetables? Meal Pro allows you to choose add-ons.

There are no fixed menus. You always choose the foods you like.

They also give you the option to place individual orders or opt for the subscription option. Again, more options!

Meal Pro Health Information

The Best Meal Delivery Services for Singles or One Person (Updated for 2021!) (4)

When it comes to the quality of its ingredients, Meal Prodice,

“We use all natural ingredients and prepare the food using cooking techniques that optimize nutrient retention. We use organic brown rice and seasonal vegetables. As for protein, the chicken is hormone-free and the red meat is Niman Ranch brand with wild-caught salmon (seasonal menu item).”

Food Price Pro

According to themwebsite, "The portion sizes for the price make MealPro the most affordable meal prep on the market."

You can place individual orders, choose affordable meals starting at $10, or you can set up recurring orders.

One advantage of the subscription option is that you will have access to the Meal Pro rewards program, where you will earn points that you can redeem for free meals.

Meals are typically $10-$15 depending on how customized they are. Also, shipping costs depend on your zip code and whether you order a box of 18 different foods (standard shipping) or a box of 20 (discounted shipping).

Save $10 with codeREWARD-4368

Try Meal Pro!

4. Veestro: Best Veggie Meals for Singles

Vegetarian? We are protecting you.

The Best Meal Delivery Services for Singles or One Person (Updated for 2021!) (5)

Veestro offers meal kit delivery for vegan singlesfoodwhich are “free of meat, poultry, fish, dairy, eggs and honey”, perfect for those looking for more vegan and vegetarian options.

They offer two plans: A la carte and Slimming

Their à la carte option allows you to fill a delivery box with fully prepared breakfast, entrees, soups and desserts, all chef-prepared and made with organic ingredients and non-GMO plants.

Or you can sign up for their weight loss plans, which include 6 healthy eating options:

  • rich in protein
  • does not contain gluten
  • without nuts
  • I am not
  • spring favorites
  • edible according to jewish law

In either case, “fully prepared, chef-prepared meals” will be delivered to your doorstep, in eco-friendly packaging.

(Video) Meal Delivery Services 🍛 Top 10 Meal Kit Picks | 2023 Review

One of my favorite features of Veestro is individual meal ratings and reviews to help you make the right choices.

Another big advantage of Veestro? Delivery nationwide! “Veestro delivers to any physical address within the United States” (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

This map shows the percentage of your past orders that went to each state:

The Best Meal Delivery Services for Singles or One Person (Updated for 2021!) (6)

See our health information

Vestro offers easy meals that are “100% Plant-Based, Organic, Non-GMO, Chef-Prepared Entrées, Soups, and Juices Nationwide!”

Meals are "Chef-Crafted" and "Preservative-Free," and there are many gluten-free options.

Veestro prices

If you order a la carte, the box size will equal 20 meals. You can choose to subscribe (every 1, 2 or 4 weeks) and save 10% and free shipping for a total cost of $216 ($10.80 per meal). Or, you can choose a single order for $240 plus shipping (over $12 per meal).

If you follow the Weight Loss Meal Plan, your box will come with 15 meals delivered weekly for a flat rate of $175.50 ($11.70 per meal). You can customize, pause or cancel your subscription at any time.

Save 35% with codeSPRING35

Try yours!

5. Frozen Garden: Best Smoothies for Singles

Um, milkshakes.

The Best Meal Delivery Services for Singles or One Person (Updated for 2021!) (7)

At some meals, you're just not in the mood for a 5-course feast, especially when dining alone. Looking for a quick breakfast, an afternoon snack, or a way to recharge after a trip to the gym?

You know what's great for that? Smoothies! Similar to the popular Daily Harvest alternative, Frozen Garden makes it easy for singles to make delicious smoothies at home by delivering pre-measured frozen ingredients. All you need to do is add a little water, mix and enjoy a healthy smoothie made at home.

Frozen Garden also offers Delites (premade frozen mixes that can be mixed with your favorite milk) and Fusions (frozen cubes made with 100% whole fruits and herbs that have been pureed).

Fusions are available in five flavors:

  • Lemon Pineapple Ginger
  • Orange Pineapple Rosemary
  • Strawberry Lemon Basil
  • Raspberry Mango Mint
  • Blueberry Lemon Lavender

And Delites are also available in five flavors:

  • banana bread
  • Banana split
  • blueberry muffin
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter
  • oatmeal cookie

And the best thing is that Frozen Garden allows people to order a la carte. Unlike most singles meal kits, you don't have to sign up for a subscription if you don't want to.

Frozen Garden Health Information

Frozen Garden shakes are nutrient-dense and made without powders or supplements. Ingredients include whole fruits, vegetables, dark leafy greens, seeds, and spices. This makes it easier for you to nourish your body, even on the go!

Frozen Garden shakes are also:

  • does not contain gluten
  • dairy free
  • I am free
  • vegan
  • Does not contain added sugar
  • Non-GMO Verified by Non-GMO Project

And for foods on the Dirty Dozen list for high pesticide levels, Frozen Garden sources certified commercial organic produce or sources the ingredients from one of the local small farmers they work with.

Frozen Garden Prices

Another reason Frozen Garden shakes make great singles meals is their low cost.

You can order shakes for as little as $5.95 each if you buy in bulk.

(Video) Best Meal Delivery Services ✅ Top 5 Meal Kit Delivery Service Picks | 2023 Review

You can also save up to 15% if you sign up for regular deliveries, as most other meal kits require.

You also have many shipping options. You can get weekly to twelve-week shipments, which is great for single people who don't want to be bombarded with more food than they can eat.

Please note that Frozen Garden requires a minimum order of $35 but offers free shipping on orders over $150.

Experience the Frozen Garden!

6. EveryPlate – The Best Singles Meal Kit

A singles meal kit? No, but close enough.

The Best Meal Delivery Services for Singles or One Person (Updated for 2021!) (8)

Alright, maybe after reading this you're still thinking, “What I really want is a singles meal kit. I don't want another oven-ready penne or soggy zucchini, I want to try new recipes and cook my own meals.

If that's you, we got it. As we said in the introduction, we don't know of any true singles meal kit (and do our homework). While prepared meals often come in individual sizes, ingredient boxes don't, typically leading to a lot of leftovers and food waste.

That being said, if you want to know which meal kit we think is best for singles, we recommend EveryPlate, and that's our honest reason.

EveryPlate is a low-cost meal kit owned by HelloFresh. They send you portioned ingredients and recipe cards for delicious meals and save you money by keeping it simple.

The result? Meals are just $4.99 per serving plus shipping.

So, are you going to order two servings? Yeah.
Will you have left over? Yeah.

BUT, you'll only spend $9.98 per meal plus shipping. This is very similar to the cost of the other single service services we have listed.

And it's comparable to what you would spendper portionin meal kits for two people likeGreen chef and sun basket., which is $10.99 - $12.99 per person.

So if you want a singles meal kit that won't break the bank, we encourage you to consider EveryPlate.

EveryPlate Health Information

EveryPlate's mission is to provide people with access to fresh, high-quality ingredients in portions that easily turn into delicious, filling meals. They don't try to be gourmet chefs, but offer eight unique recipes to choose from on their weekly menus.

Price of each dish

As we discussed above, the pricing for EveryPlate is simple: $4.99 per serving, plus shipping. Since delivery is a fixed cost of $8.99, the more meals you order, the lower your total cost per meal. Here is a table to show how everything is multiplied.

cost per serving Total per week (includes shipping)
3 meals for 2 people $ 4,99 $ 38,93
4 meals for 2 people $ 4,99 $ 48,91
5 meals for 2 people $ 4,99 $ 58,89

Experience EveryPlate!

Bonus: Dinnerly - meal kit for one

Another singles meal kit? No, but again, close enough.

The Best Meal Delivery Services for Singles or One Person (Updated for 2021!) (9)

It's alright, it's alright, you've got us. When we set out to review the best food delivery services for singles, we originally narrowed down our candidates to 6. However, we noticed a new competitor is on the rise and we're too excited not to share.

That's right, we're talking about Dinnerly, the "budget derivative of Marley Spoon (which is the meal kit service associated with Martha Stewart)" asForbesdescribed them.

One of the reasons singles stay away from meal kit delivery services is that they deliver a lot of food for a lot of money. Financially, it makes more sense to go shopping or order your favorite food at a restaurant.

However, Dinnerly takes a new approach to keep costs down:

  • Fixed weekly menu allows Dinnerly to buy in bulk
  • The recipes are only repeated once a month each season.
  • Packaging is kept to a minimum.
  • Recipes are emailed to subscribers via digital cards.

Dinner Health Information

Dinnerly is less focused on offering a variety of dietary needs than the services mentioned above. They offer low carb, low calorie, keto, and the ubiquitous "nutritious" meals. However, they do offer menu items labeled "added gluten free," "added dairy free," as well as vegetarian and vegan options.

(Video) BEST MEAL KIT DELIVERY SERVICE (HONEST REVIEW) - Hello Fresh, Blue Apron, Home Chef, EveryPlate

dinner price

Dinnerly's pricing is very similar to EveryPlate's, with meals around $4.99 plus $8.99 for shipping. If you order the 6-meal option for 2 people, you'll be just under $4.89 plus $8.99 shipping. There isn't much of a difference, but it's much more manageable than takeout delivery services.

cost per serving Total per week (includes shipping)
3 meals for 2 people $ 5,29 $ 40,73
4 meals for 2 people $ 4,99 $ 48,91
5 meals for 2 people $ 4,99 $ 58,89
6 meals for 2 people $ 4,89 $ 67,67

Experimente o Dinnerly!

Common questions about meal delivery for one person

Are there meal plans for singles?

No meal kits (think ingredient boxes) for singles. At least not that we are aware of. That being said, there are plenty of delivery services that offer fully prepared meals for singles. We share our favorites in this article.

Can only one person wear the Blue Apron?

Blue Apron does not have a dedicated plan for one person. Singles can order a two-person plan, but they'll pay for two servings of each meal and likely have some leftovers.

Can you get HelloFresh for one person?

HelloFresh does not have a plan designed specifically for one person. You can order one of their plans for two, but you'll have to pay for two servings of each meal and you'll likely end up with plenty of leftovers.

Does Purple Carrot offer delivery services for singles?

Unfortunately, like HelloFresh and Blue Apron, Purple Carrot only offers a 2-serving plan and a 4-serving family plan.

Which of these “Singles Meal Kits” is right for you?

As you may have noticed, there are some great catering companies that actually offer meal delivery for one person, without forcing you to hack the system or eat leftovers all the time.

(Although ingredient box companies sometimes seem intent on "shaming individual customers," like theWashington Postonce put it.)

When it comes to choosing thebettermeal kit service for one person, depends a lot on your preferences.

Recentlyoffers a great selection with the convenient subscription model used by popular food delivery services.

Factor 75It has paleo and keto foods.

professional foodmeals are highly customizable.

VeestroIt is a tasty option if you are looking for a vegetarian meal orvegan food delivery service.

frozen gardenmakes it easy to make healthy smoothies at home, perfect for a quick breakfast or light lunch.

all the dishesthe low cost makes it ideal for singles who want to cook their own meals. You'll have some leftovers, but you won't have to pay as much as you would with many other meal kits.

have lunchis a cost effective meal kit alternative that is comparable to EveryPlate.

It's easy to see why meal kit subscriptions are so popular. They make dining at home quick and convenient, allowing you to eat healthier and spend less time at the drive-thru or grocery store.

Regardless of the service you choose, we hope this post has encouraged you to see that singles meal delivery is possible, allowing you to eat healthy and delicious meals from the comfort of your own home.


Is there a meal plan for just one person? ›

With HelloFresh, you get a meal delivery for one person directly to your door. No more trips to the grocery store and no more waiting around for takeout. You get everything you need to make delicious meals in a single box.

Which food delivery service is best 2021? ›

Best meal delivery services at a glance:
  • Best for vegans: allplants.
  • Best for students: Tastily.
  • Best for Keto: Green Chef.
  • Best for frozen: Après.
  • Best for pasta: Pasta Evangelists.
  • Best for full day meal plans: Balance Box.
  • Best for entertaining: Phomo.
  • Best for dieters: Diet Chef.

Which meal delivery service is the most popular? ›

The Best Meal Delivery Services, According to Bon Appétit Editors
  • Home Chef. Home Chef has a nice variety of meals, and if you've got dietary restrictions, the customization opportunities here are many. ...
  • Sunbasket. ...
  • Dinnerly. ...
  • Green Chef. ...
  • Hungryroot. ...
  • Territory. ...
  • EveryPlate. ...
  • Purple Carrot.
Jan 14, 2023

What is America's number one meal kit? ›

HelloFresh has been voted America's #1 Meal Kit by USA Today for four years running, along with being voted Most Trusted Meal Kit Delivery Service 2022.

Is HelloFresh worth it for one person? ›

Financially, it isn't worth it for one person. Also, plans start at a minimum of two people, so if you order for one person, you'll end up eating a lot of leftovers. However, if you're not worried about repeat meals or your food budget and want the convenience and variety of meal kits, HelloFresh is a good option.

What is a good meal for a single person? ›

Keep scrolling for a bunch of solo dinner ideas that you'll actually get excited to make.
  • Old-Fashioned Jacket Potato. ...
  • Egg, Avocado, and Tomato Toast. ...
  • Mug Baked Rigatoni. ...
  • Bacon, Brie, and Apricot Grilled Cheese. ...
  • Avocado Alfredo With Zucchini Noodles. ...
  • Shakshuka. ...
  • Sun-Dried Tomato, Spinach, and Cheese Stuffed Chicken.
May 13, 2021

What are the top 3 food delivery services? ›

Best Food Delivery Apps: Top 10 Food Delivery Apps (2023)
  • Toast TakeOut.
  • Uber Eats.
  • DoorDash.
  • ChowNow.
  • Grub Hub.
  • Caviar.
  • Seamless.
  • Postmates.

What is the most successful food delivery app? ›

Bloomberg Second Measure's transaction data shows that DoorDash and its subsidiaries earned 59 percent of U.S. consumers' meal delivery sales in May 2022, while Uber Eats came in second place with 24 percent.

What is the cheapest prepared meal delivery service? ›

Cheapest Meal Delivery Services of 2023
  • Starts at $4.99: Dinnerly.
  • Starts at $4.99: EveryPlate.
  • Starts at $6.79: Daily Harvest.
  • Starts at $6.99: Revive Superfoods.
  • Starts at $7.99: HelloFresh.
  • Starts at $7.99: Home Chef.
  • Starts at $7.99: Blue Apron.
  • Starts at $7.99: Mom's Meals.

What is the healthiest meal delivery company? ›

Best Healthy Meal Delivery Service for 2023
  • HelloFresh. Overall best healthy meal delivery for most. ...
  • Fresh N Lean. Best healthy prepared meal delivery (no cooking required) ...
  • Home Chef. Best healthy meal delivery for keto and low-carb diets. ...
  • Blue Apron. Best healthy meal kits for calorie counting. ...
  • Green Chef.

Which food delivery plan is best? ›

A quick look at the best meal delivery services
  • Best overall: Sunbasket | Sign up now at Sunbasket.
  • Best for prepared meals: Factor | Sign up now at Factor.
  • Best for healthy eaters: Green Chef | Sign up now at Green Chef.
  • Best for families: HelloFresh | Sign up now at HelloFresh.

What is the most ordered food online? ›

Zomato revealed that biryani was, once again, the most-ordered dish of the year with customers ordering 186 biryani every minute in 2022! “Biryani proved to be the GOAT (quite literally) this year too. We delivered 186 of them every minute,” it wrote.

How do I make a meal plan for one person? ›

The Ultimate Guide to Meal Planning for One, Plus 25 Recipes to Get You Started
  1. Brainstorm a Cooking (and Shopping) Plan. ...
  2. Portion out Your Groceries. ...
  3. Cut Recipes in Half. ...
  4. Put Leftovers Straight in the Freezer. ...
  5. Get in the Habit of Big-Batch Cooking. ...
  6. Embrace Leftovers.
Aug 1, 2019

What is solo meal? ›

Everything you need to know about solo dining is in its name. It's simply when one person eats and drinks at a venue by themselves – or in most circumstances with their phone or laptop.

How do I start meal planning for one? ›

10 of Our Best Tips for Meal Planning for One
  1. Choose recipes that specifically serve one or two people. ...
  2. Portion out your meat. ...
  3. Put leftovers straight into the freezer. ...
  4. Roast a bunch of veggies at once. ...
  5. Make breakfast for dinner. ...
  6. Grocery shop at the salad bar. ...
  7. Make things you don't mind eating for lunch the next day.
May 29, 2019

How do you plan a meal for one person on a budget? ›

10 tips to get you started on meal planning on a budget:
  1. Make a menu. ...
  2. Plan your meals around foods that are on sale. ...
  3. Plan some plant-based meals every week. ...
  4. Check your pantry, refrigerator and freezer. ...
  5. Enjoy grains more often. ...
  6. Avoid recipes that need a special ingredient. ...
  7. Look for seasonal recipes.


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