Stardew Valley: The 10 Best Fish (and How to Catch Them) (2023)

Fishing can be very challenging but very rewarding. But only if you know which fish are better to catch and how to catch them.

One of the main reasons for thisStardew-TalIt's so wonderful how many things the player can do in this peaceful little farming game.A favorite among players is fishing.That's not just because of the challenge, but because of the year-round adventure that takes you to every corner of Stardew Valley and below. That and the huge cash you can make from some of these tough fish.

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There are so many fish that catching them all becomes a real challenge, especially the legendary ones. However, some of these fish are worth up to 2,000g and can really be a great source of income as well as a wonderful source of entertainment as long as you know where they are and how to catch them.

10 catfish

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Catfish is one of the most profitable fish in the game. It has a standard price of 200g and can reach 300g if it is a gold standard fish! What's even better is how easy it is to find one too! It might not be the easiest fish to catch depending on what rod the player has, but Catfish is easyplentiful as turnips in spring.

Catfish can be found in rivers, ponds, or swamps and can only be caught in spring and fall. Luckily it's any time of the day, although it must be raining, which is perfect for solo players who put all their energies into taking care of the farm and the animals!

9 super pepin

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If a sea cucumber isn't good enough, the super cucumber certainly is. And with the difference in price, every angler is looking for one! Standard Sea Cucumber will drop the player to around 75g whilethe Super Cucumbersworth a whopping 250g at the standard price!

The price difference is not without its downsides. The Super Cucumber can only be fished in the oceanduring summeror the fall. While it doesn't matter if it rains or not, timing is very important and a little annoying. The player can only pick this up from 18:00 to 02:00, making it a bit of a rush to get home before he passes out! However, this means that the player can complete their daily tasks before a night of fishing.

8 Eis Pip

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This Ice Pip can be quite difficult to get at first. It can only be found in the mine at level 60 and the player must be level 5 fishing to have a chance, even then it is a very difficult fish to catch. Luckily, seasons and times don't matter that much.Any good fisherman and miner can fish until he catches him!

It may sound difficult, but this fish is totally worth it if the player wants to get a little extra gold under their belt. The Ice Pip is worth a whopping 500g as a standard fish and around 750g when it's gold! Definitely worth fighting for.

7 ghost fish

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Sometimes the best fish aren't the ones that are worth the most, they're the ones that are the coolest and hardest to catch or find. The Spook Fish is available when the player takes a submarine tour of the night market during winter from the 15th to the 17th, making the waiting time quite long if the fish is lost.

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However, the Spook Fish can be found byusando Magic-Baitin the southwest corner of the beach from the far left pier while the player is fishing west. It's a little tricky, but that's what makes it such a cool fish.

6 stage eel

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The Lava Eel is quite predictable if the player is wondering where to find it. However, that doesn't make it any easier to find your way aroundespecially if you are level 100 with me!Since the lava eel is so far down the mine, the player has to grind something in this field, which takes a lot of time, but he also has to reach level 7 in fishing!

It's worth 700g at the standard price so it's undeniably worth it, but that doesn't escape the fact that this rare fish takes so long to catch!

5 Fischer

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It would be wrong not to include the legendary fish. Not only are they super hard to come by, but they're also worth a ton of money! The fisherman itself is worth a whopping 900g by default, and if the player is lucky enough to land a golden fisherman it's worth a whopping 1350g!

The cool thing is that this fish is availablein autumn at any time and in any weather. As for location, the player can find this fish on the wooden plank bridge in the lake north of JojaMart. Much luck!

4 mutated carp

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This Legendary Mutant Carp can only be found in the Sewers, meaning the player will need to delve very deep into the game before it becomes available. Regardless of the season, weather or climate, however, this angler will find the time to catch this rare but valuable carp.

Worth a good 1000g in Standard and 1500 in Gold, the Mutant Carp is worth seeking out no matter how far away.

3 Gletscherfisch

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Actually, it makes sense to only find glacier fish in winter, but luckily you can find them anytime and in any weather. As for location, anglers can catch glacierfish in the woods south of Arrowhead Island. It's usually found in fairly deep water, so look for the perfect spot.

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Much like the Mutant Carp, getting to Arrowhead Island a bit later in the game is an effort, but the fact that this fish is worth 1000g makes it worth it in the long run.

2 purple fish

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The Crimsonfish is one of the most expensive fish in the game, weighing 1500g by default and 2250g when gold. However, this only goes to show how difficult it is to catch him.

Not only is it a tricky little fish, but it can only be found at Deep Pier on the beach. This pier can be found if the player heads east to the boardwalk. It can only be found in summer, but time and weather don't matter, only players' fishing skills.

1 Legend

Stardew Valley: The 10 Best Fish (and How to Catch Them) (10)

The Legend lives up to its name and is known for being extremely difficult to catch. It flies at a ridiculous speed and can only be found in spring when it rains.

(Video) The BEST Fish For the Fish Pond - Stardew Valley 1.5

Still, the Legend Fish is worth a staggering 5000g as a Standard Fish and 7500g as a Goldstar Fish, making all that effort worthwhile. It's also a very good fish to show off. Where to find the legend is in the mountain lake when the player casts their line near the floating log there. This one is tough, so good luck!

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