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This section will cover some things that will help you progress during your first year.

Please note that you DO NOT NEED to follow this outline, it is just an outline you CAN follow. It was composed of my personal way of playing the game, as well as input from the Stardew community.

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Areas of interest (Year 1)


Hot Spring (northern section of the map)

  • Accessible on the 3rd of summer, replenishes stamina and health when in the hot tub

Mines (north of town, east of Hot Spring)

  • Accessible on spring 5, you can dig up relics for the museum, minerals for building and upgrades, get weapons and items, contains monsters. It consists of 120 floors

Blacksmith (east side of town)

  • You can open geodes and update tools.

Library/Museum (east side of the city, south of Ferreiro)

  • You can donate rare or unique items found during mining, you can get rare items from Gunther to donate

Community Center (north of the city)

  • It can be accessed on the 5th of spring when it is sunny. Walk into town from the side of your farm to trigger a scene. Donating the requested items opens more requests and additional items to unlock

JojaMart (north of the blacksmith)

  • Similar to the Community Center, but requires the player to purchase upgrades instead of donating items. A more money oriented style of play

spring year 1

The first few days act as a tutorial for you, teaching you how to play the game and various mechanics. Take advantage of this time to get familiar with the game, explore and learn the map (some areas are not immediately accessible), and meet the townspeople.

When you can, buy as many cauliflower seeds from the Warehouse as possible, this is the most profitable spring crop you can grow right away. On Spring 13, you can purchase Strawberry Seeds from the event vendor for 100G. You should also buy as many as possible, as they provide a large amount of income and grow back after harvest.

It's also a good idea to start mining when the mine becomes available on the 5th as well. Collect a good amount of Coal and Copper Ore for the Furnace (Obtained from Clint after getting 1 Copper Ore). They can be smelted into copper bars and used for farm and tool upgrades, as well as other crafting items.

You can also find the "Ancient Seed" artifact while mining. If you do, take it to Gunter as soon as possible. Your reward will be said seed, and that seed will continue to grow until winter as long as you water it. It will take 1 month to grow, but then it will return to fruit every 7 days and will be worth 550G. I suggest saving one or two for the seed maker later.

summer year 1

At this point you should have a bit of money saved up and be able to buy the extra bag (which gives you an extra line in your inventory) from the General Store for 10,000G.

You will want to buy and plant as many blueberries as possible as soon as possible. These little guys will bring you $150 per harvest and will grow back by the end of summer. Do this until you have a sizable amount saved to repeat again in the fall; that will be your cash crop for the summer.

I also suggest upgrading your house to get the kitchen and if possible the bedroom. Cooking is a must for exploring deeper into the mines, as it will allow you to cook meals that truly restore health and stamina, as well as grant other buffs depending on what you do.

Upgrade your pickaxe to use less energy in the mines and try to get to 50 and save as much iron ore as possible and upgrade your tools.

By the end of the summer, I should have shipped 15,000G easily. This can be checked in the player menu.

Players have reported that cash achievements can be glitching, causing them to not unlock. It is not known why or how to solve them. I had to re-save and earn the required amount again to unlock the achievements, so if one or more don't unlock, you'll be forced to try again on your second playthrough.

autumn year 1

For the fall, you can grow pumpkins or cranberries, both of which will earn you huge amounts of money, so get as many seeds as you can from one of these (cranberries regrow after harvest).

At this point you should have the steel pickaxe and a decent weapon (I had the bone sword) and should have no problem getting to floor 90. Save up as much gold ore and upgrade when possible.

After doing the above, if you can, buy a chicken coop or barn so you can raise chickens or cattle over the winter.

Winter Year 1

During the winter, nothing will grow but wild plants from the winter wild seed packet, which can be found through foraging.

You will want to spend a good deal of time going as deep into the mines as possible. It is possible to reach the bottom before the end of the year. It is advisable to have at least steel equipment, but gold would be ideal.

You can also use this time to increase your fishing skill.

If you managed to purchase any, focus on raising any livestock you have, and potentially making handicrafts.

By the end of the year, you should easily have enough to earn the Cowpoke achievement and close to 100,000G.

Once you reach farm level 6, you can really expand by making quality sprinklers, which water everything around you. Combining this with certain crops can make a lot of money, so this is also a good place to look in the first year, so you can start using quality sprinklers as soon as possible.

again 2+

After that you need to focus on the story and bring items for packs or buy the upgrades through Joja Cola. Also, you must work to expand the amount you plant and harvest to increase income.

By the end of the second year, you should have at least a quarter of a million, assuming you focused on cash crops.

Also 3+

In Year 3, your farm will be graded based on a variety of factors, including money and achievements earned, friendships, community center progress, total skill points, and other factors. If players get at least 12 points, they can examine Grandfather's Shrine (located in the northwest corner of the farm) for a "Statue of Perfection" (which grants Iridium every day) and it can be returned to Evaluate at any time by placing a diamond. in the sanctuary.

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