Genshin Impact Characters Ranked By Size (2023)

There are many aspects that separate the characters in Genshin Impact, and one of them is size. Whether you're trying to fit in a small space or trying to scale, a character's height determines a few different things. Also, it can be fun to see how your various characters compare and who is the best person in Genshin.

Here they areAll Genshin Impact characters are sorted by height from smallest to largest.

The shortest Genshin Impact characters

Genshin Impact Characters Ranked By Size (1)

All of these characters are under five feet (or 152 centimeters), making them the shortest characters in Genshin Impact. Some of them make sense because of your age or circumstances.


The smallest character in the game is Qiqi, who measures a proud 4'4", i.e. 133 centimeters. According to lore, Qiqi is a zombie and his body was prevented from aging as a child.


Klee, the coven leader's daughterAliceShe's a kid who gets a pension for blowing things up. It makes sense that the walking rocket would be a little bundle of joy at just 4'5" or 135 centimeters tall.


Despite her short stature of 138 centimeters, Dori is one of Sumeria's finest merchants. Most people don't assume she has everything you could want on the black market, giving her an edge in the field.


Yaoyao is one of the shortest characters in the game, standing at 4'6" or 138 centimeters. The little girl may look like a child, but she works to be seen as Madam Ping's true apprentice, studying under footman Adepti and Cloud.


The most powerful character on this list is Nahida, who is also 4'6" or 138 centimeters tall. The Dendro Archon has been reincarnated, so he looks like a child. However, Nahida is incredibly smart and caring towards the people of Sumeru and exudes wisdom far beyond what its appearance reveals.


Sayu is a ninja who is always sleeping. Why? She believes that sleep will help her replenish energy and grow to be over 4 feet 6 inches or 138 cm.

that says

Despite being only 140 centimeters tall, Diona is one of the best bartenders in the world. While she hates alcohol and tries to destroy the industry from within with horrible drinks, she's been gifted with the power to make everything she does tastefully - she just doesn't know it.

5 Feet 1 Inch Tall Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact Characters Ranked By Size (2)

This group of people barely made it to the bottom of the list. Some of the most powerful characters in the game are 5 feet 1 inch or 156 centimeters tall.

Kamisato Ayaka

One of the two heads of the Kamisato clan, Ayaka barely escapes the lowest level of Genshin Impact characters. While she is one of the smallest adults in the game, her brother is one of the tallest.


Another minor queen to add to the list is Ganyu, who is also the other hyper-powerful cryo DPS alongside Ayaka. The half-human, half-Qilin is aware of many things, but her size isn't one of them.

Hu Tao

Wangsheng Funeral Parlor director Hu Tao is another of the minor characters in the game. However, unlike many others, she has no heels on her shoes.


Outrider Amber is also quite petite despite her large headband. What she lacks in height, she makes up for in her boundless energy and personality.


Sucrose the Alchemist is the last of the characters at 5 feet 1 inch or 156 centimeters tall. However, she has animal ears that slope downwards - if they pointed upwards like Tighnari's, she would be at the top of this list.

Five Feet Two Inches Tall Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact Characters Ranked By Size (3)


The following characters are all 5'2" tall and most of them are 158 inches tall. The smallest male falls into this category, but the rest are full of females.


Faruzan may look petite, but she is incredibly fierce and a little bit arrogant. Despite being one of the minor characters, she is often discussed as being over 100 years old - while that might be an exaggeration, she definitely enjoys reminding people that she is above them in everything but size.


Fischl is one of the most unique characters in Genshin Impact. Her real name is Amy, and she's basically constantly cosplaying as an electro bird, Oz, which translates some of her cocky language. She also always wears heels, but is still incredibly petite.


The person who is Liyue Qixing's deputy, Keqing, is also not very tall. She doesn't have much faith in the gods/archons, which could be because she's upset about her size despite being one of the most powerful beings in the region.


As a maid/gentleman in a gacha game, Noelle always wears high heel boots. Heels don't do much, however, other than comparing them to some of the shortest characters in the game.


Barbara is a pop star and a pretty little one. However, her intense passion and devotion to the Anemo-Archon Barbatos makes her feel so much bigger.


It's hard to determine Layla's overall height because she's always trying to figure out how to sleep or relax. She will be quick to lean on her shield when given the chance, even in combat.


The Traveler, whose canonical name is Lumine, is also one of the game's minor characters. Interestingly, Hoyoverse gave the Male Traveler, whose canonical name is Aether, a larger model.


Mona tries to make up for her height with her ridiculously large hat, but she doesn't fool anyone. However, he can make the job of hiding Mona from his master after she has made a mistake he doesn't want to admit.


Chef Extraordinary Xiangling may be small, but her intense flavor combinations are out of this world. Just stay away from the slime mixes she makes.


Xiao is the smallest male character in Genshin Impact, but nobody holds that against him. His design is incredibly well done and something the developers have explained at length in the past.


Liyue's lawyer is not very tall, but she still manages to intimidate opponents in the legal environment.


Who says you have to be tall to be a rock star? Not Xinyan.


As an opera singer, Yun Jin takes center stage. This works out really well for her as she isn't very tall to begin with.


Collei is the only person in Genshin Impact who is 5 feet 2 inches tall (159 centimeters). She's an inch taller than any other character in this group, but that doesn't really matter in anything but cutscenes.

Five Feet Three Inches Tall Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact Characters Ranked By Size (4)

Most of these members are generally considered to be older characters in the game, ranging from older teenagers to older Archons. Standing 5 feet 10 inches tall or 5 feet 6 inches tall, these characters hold their heads a little taller than their younger counterparts.


Whereas Albedo was raised by a witchcircle of witches, you might think it would have a little more height. However, it appears that Rhinedotter didn't have size in mind when she brought Albedo to life.

(Video) Genshin Impact Size Comparison | Biggest Characters of Genshin Impact | Satisfying Video

In the city

Just like Yun Jin, Nilou doesn't need heights - she gets all the attention she needs dancing on stage and helping the people of Sumeru.


The gorous size is aided by its ears. Although they are not the highest on the list, this keeps him from being below him despite his youth.


Tighnari could be one of the smallest adult males in the game if he didn't have incredibly large ears.


Although literally ancient, the Anemo Archon looks quite small. However, it is the perfect persona for Barbatos, as it allows him to live freely and secretly in Monstadt.


Cyno may be one of the most feared characters in the game for those who know him, but General Mahamatra's size isn't what intimidates him.


The Wanderer doesn't need size - they can just use their Anemo Vision to fly around Teyvat and pretend to be tall.

Kuki Shinobu

Kuki Shinobu's size is perfect for his ninja ways. It's not too big or too small to do the job.


While Yoimiya might be bigger than other characters with her personality, part of that comes down to the platform shoes she wears and her high ponytail.


Exorcists don't need to be big to defeat spirits, which greatly benefits Chongyun.


Interestingly, despite being considered an unlucky man, Bennett is luckier than many his age when it comes to height.


Kazuha doesn't need to be tall either, considering his vertical leap rivals that of the legendary Yaksha Xiao.


Despite being one of the smallest adult females, Kokomi has a strong presence as a hydro-applicator and as the leader of Watatsumi Island.


Mika doesn't have an exact height yet, but dataminers say his character is slightly taller than Xiao.

Mika should be slightly bigger than Xiao even if we don't include Mika's Ahoge.

— 🍁 (Waiting for Lyney and Lynette) (@hxg_diluc)August 25, 2022

Five Feet Four Inches Tall Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact Characters Ranked By Size (5)

Two characters in Genshin Impact are five feet four inches or 164 centimeters tall. There's nothing that gives these characters an extra boost like ears or heels, so it's interesting that they're the only ones in this size range.


Everyone's favorite wolf pup has a pretty unique size despite being generally classified as a young adult. Perhaps he is older than many think.

(Video) Ranking Genshin Characters by their OUTFITS?!


Aether, the male traveler, is also one size fits all. When you consider howthe traveler is unique, that's just another part of the male traveler's character that stands out.

Five Feet Five Inches Tall Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact Characters Ranked By Size (6)

The following characters are five feet five inches or 166 centimeters tall. Some on the list are pretty amazing, but most embody height perfectly. While they may not be big and in charge, they are wonderful supporting characters who stand on their own.


Eula, one of the Knights of Favonius, is perfectly normal and of medium height, which reflects her regal character very well.


Although Shenhe may have been created by the giant Cloud Retainer, she is only considered so tall because of her impressively high heels.


Yelan may be one of the best hydro-applicators in the game, but she's another character who wears high heels just to be average height.

Hey Miko

The Electroarchon's "helper", Yae Miko, actually stands by his partner's side (when not teleporting through the air).


Lisa the Librarian's average size is the perfect indication of her average gameplay - it's not amazing, but it's not lacking either.


Ironically, placing Xingqiu at this level of height ensures that the strongest Hydro units in the game are the same height. Considering he's seen as a young adult, it's interesting that he's so tall.

Raiden Shogun

The height of the Electro Archon makes perfect sense. Although she is very strong, she isn't great when there are characters like Kuki Shinobu or Lisa.


Heizou is one of the few males that fall into this size category. Its gameplay is as memorable as it is normal, and its size reflects that.

Five Feet Six Inches Tall Genshin Impact Characters

Genshin Impact Characters Ranked By Size (7)

These Genshin Impact characters are finally starting to look tall at 5 feet 6 inches or 168 cm. The best part is that they are all incredibly powerful and remarkable women.


Candace is commonly referred to as a big sister by those who aren't related to her, and her size definitely makes her feel that way.

Kujo Sara

Although Kujou Sara is not the strongest character at this level, she is considered stronger than humans considering she is a legendary tengu.


Flamemane Dehya deserves her size, especially considering she's one of the worst characters in Genshin Impact and needs better kit.


Rosaria's intimidating appearance is only made worse by her incredible size compared to other characters. She is another character who falls under the big sister trope.


As the leader of Liyue after the "death" of Rex Lapis, Ningguang's size perfectly matches his position.

(Video) Genshin Fans Rank the HOTTEST Characters?!


Jean is another fantastic female character who is the pseudo-leader of the Knights of Favonius, and her size makes her even more impressive.


Like many others at this level, Beidou's size suits her considering she is a ship captain.

Five foot ten inch tall Genshin Impact character

Genshin Impact Characters Ranked By Size (8)

For some reason, Diluc gets its own category, which is 5 feet 10 inches or 180 centimeters tall. It's almost as if Genshin Impact's developers had one last laugh and made it smaller than its rival/brother Kaeya on purpose.

The greatest characters from Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Characters Ranked By Size (9)

At five feet eleven inches or 182 centimeters, these characters in Genshin Impact tower over each other. While none of them grow to six feet tall, the difference between their height and everyone else's makes them appear even taller.


Ayato tends to think he's better than most other people, and his size only leads to that point.


Tartaglia, Childe or Ajax, is a harbinger of Fatui. While his personality might make it seem like he's not intimidating, his size certainly is.


The leader of the Arataki gang and descendant of the Crimson Oni in Inazuma must be tall, and Itto fits that description.


The Kamisato brothers' "caretaker" is quite tall - how else is he supposed to clean and maintain the vast property?


Zhongli's character model is known for a few different things, including her large size. However, his tall stature is just as impressive as his arrogance.


Kaeya's confidence is matched only by her size, both of which are larger than life.


Of course, one of the smartest people in the game has to be one of the greatest - that's how Genshin Impact makes Alhaitham one of the best units in the game.

Ufa! Finally we come to the end and listall Genshin Impact characters sorted by size. If you're looking for more of this good gacha content, check out the guides below.

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