10 Best Stardew Valley Mods of August 2020 (2023)

Awarium Stardew Valley

Neue Stardew Valley-Mods August 2020

10 Best Stardew Valley Mods of August 2020 (1)

Starting with the list of the best Stardew Valley mods to be released in August 2020, we haveone of the most impressive creationsA brand new aquarium is available for the player to fill with the fish they have caught.

You can enter the aquarium from the train station, and if you return the fish, they will appear in the exhibition's animated information tanks and receive great rewards.

This mod also adds a large new beach location with new custom shops including a beach snack shop, an ice cream shop and a submarine shop with useful fishing supplies.

There is also an achievement and a special reward for donating all the fish in the game to the aquarium.

In addition, you can also swim in the sea with this mod. This mod also hides some secrets which can be seen in the spoiler tagsNexus-Websiteif you don't want to find out while playing.


Neue Stardew Valley-Mods August 2020

10 Best Stardew Valley Mods of August 2020 (2)

Sometimes summer in Stardew Valley can be a bit boring andthis modetries to fix this by adding a brand new event to enjoy with the townsfolk.

On the 5th day of summer there is a surf festival at the beach game. Lets you compete with NPCs to become the ultimate surfer.

The beach is adorned with tiki torches, grass mats, surfboards, and even a cut-out face of a little girl in a bikini to take a picture with.

On the water, you can join a surfing game that shows your laps and leaderboards in the HUD, and even gives you extra speed with Stardrop Boost.

The mod page also warns against "throwing anything weird into a campfire." Hmm, I wonder what it could be?

Incredible friendships

Neue Stardew Valley-Mods August 2020

10 Best Stardew Valley Mods of August 2020 (3)

All NPC schedules in the base game are arranged so that specific characters are always performing specific activities on a specific day.

Ten againsttweaks these schedules to show more time together for characters who often never meet. Make new, unexpected friends.

Also, new events will be added for those featuring characters you don't often see together, and more events are planned to become fashionable in the future.

Abigail's True Love Dialogue expansion

Neue Stardew Valley-Mods August 2020

10 Best Stardew Valley Mods of August 2020 (4)

If Abigail is your favorite NPC then this is for youthis modewill be a must download.

Over 275 new lines of dialogue will be added, greatly increasing the number of interactions you can have with her. The new dialogue focuses on love and tries to strengthen your romantic relationship with her.

It states, "The more hearts you win with Abigail, the more romantic and intimate the dialogue in this pack becomes." It's designed to make you feel that your relationship with Abigail is prosperous and personal.

Hopefully the creator of the modice cream coneCreating more NPC dialogue extensions in the future.

Mobile calendar and TV

Neue Stardew Valley-Mods August 2020

10 Best Stardew Valley Mods of August 2020 (5)

Although the next two mods are technically different downloads, we're linking them together as they have similar features and come from the same mod developerAedenthorn.

The first mod allows you to take your mobile calendar with you wherever you go through the mobile calendar app. This works with the mobile phone mod that was available from us last monthList of the best mods for July 2020.

This allows you to open the bulletin board calendar from your phone no matter where you are on the map, making checking NPC birthdays a breeze.

Another modeAdds an application to the same phone to watch in-game TV channels anywhere.

This makes it much easier to catch the Weather Report, Fortune Teller, Livin' Off The Land, or The Queen of Sauce channels on the go.

Various Stardew Valley expanded

Neue Stardew Valley-Mods August 2020

10 Best Stardew Valley Mods of August 2020 (6)

Ten againstadds racial diversity to popularityStardew Valley has been expandedCharacters.

Once downloaded, many Stardew Valley Extended characters will have their skin tones and facial features edited to bring much-needed racial diversity to Pelican Town.

Posted to Sophia, Olivia, Victor, Susan, Isaac, Alesia, Claire, Morgan, Camilla and Scarlett.

In addition to the basic sprites, it also includes optional seasonal clothing for all characters.

Subterranean Secrets

Neue Stardew Valley-Mods August 2020

10 Best Stardew Valley Mods of August 2020 (7)

Ten againstwas developed to add more mystery to the mining processes in Stardew Valley and to add some underground mysteries to the game.

To add some fantasy, it includes:

  • Suspicious Temples
  • Enchanting altars
  • Exciting puzzles
  • Tormenting Traps
  • Collapsing Caves
  • Pilzflora

If you don't want spoilers, we recommend launching the mod and trying it out for yourself. However, if you want to know what is fully included in the mod, you can take a lookdepartment here.

Hybrids Harvest engine

Neue Stardew Valley-Mods August 2020

10 Best Stardew Valley Mods of August 2020 (8)

Ten againstadds a motor frame that gives different, neighboring plants the opportunity to grow new hybrid plants in their gaps.

You can plant all sorts of interesting combinations of crops on your farm to sell.

It's also sure to change the way you look at farm layouts, with tons of new options to layer different mature plants on top of each other for new combinations.

Custom designed patio for spouses

Neue Stardew Valley-Mods August 2020

10 Best Stardew Valley Mods of August 2020 (9)

Marrying an NPC in Stardew Valley grants you a special room in your farmhouse with decor and items based on their individual personalities.

Ten againsttakes it a step further but also offers new opportunities for your spouse to have their own backyard area on your home patio.

The mod, via content packs, allows you to customize the location and tiles used in the outdoor spouse area for each vanilla or custom NPC. Custom NPC content packs must be downloaded separately.

wind effects

Neue Stardew Valley-Mods August 2020

10 Best Stardew Valley Mods of August 2020 (10)

The overall flora in Stardew Valley is pretty much stagnant, howeverthis modeAdds new features that allow plants to sway and sway in the wind, creating new wind effects.

The wind affects crops, grass, trees, fruit trees and shrubs. It also has the ability to change direction from time to time, which makes it feel a bit more realistic.

By default, wind is on 50% of the days. There is also an option to adjust this percentage if you want wind to be more or less likely.

For more Stardew Valley mods, check out our favorites collection ofPrevious month July 2020.

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What is the most popular mod for Stardew Valley? ›

Stardew Valley Expanded

Stardew Valley Expanded is easily one of the best mods available for Stardew Valley. It is by far the most popular mod available, and for good reason. It adds so much content to the game that it's almost like a whole new DLC pack.

Is modding Stardew easy? ›

Modding a game for the first time can be daunting, but developer ConcernedApe aka Eric Barone has made it extremely easy to mod the game, even as a beginner. Here's how to get started with modding Stardew Valley for PC.

What is the biggest Stardew Valley Farm mod? ›

Rancher. The Giga Farm is probably the largest. It's a lot more boring than many if the others, though.

What are the largest Stardew Valley mods? ›

Stardew Valley Expanded is one of the biggest Stardew mods out there and it really does feel like a proper Stardew Valley expansion. It adds tons of new characters with their own backstories and events. It adds new farm maps and tons of new in game locations too.

Who is the favorite girl in Stardew Valley? ›

Abigail. Abigail may be the most popular marriage candidate, and for some pretty obvious reasons. She's every high-school dork's dream girl. Abigail is a quirky, goth, gamer-girl who's strong and adventurous.

Who is the most popular Stardew partner? ›

1 Best: Leah

Leah's story is an engaging one, too, and many creative types will relate to her. For players who value personality over in-game gains, Leah's definitely the best romance partner in Stardew Valley.

How hard is it to 100% Stardew? ›

To achieve perfection, you will need to maximize your friendship with every NPC in Stardew Valley. This means that you will need eight friendship hearts for dateable residents, and ten friendship hearts for everyone else.

What is the easiest game to start modding? ›

Minecraft - The game that was the entry point to gaming itself for so many, is also a great place to start when it comes to modding. Given the games massive reach and popularity there are a virtual treasure trove of modding resources available.

Can you cheat Stardew? ›

Cheats can provide farmers with more Money, fruit, and the ability to adjust the time of day in the game so they can improve their farms quickly. Here's everything you need to know about using cheats and item codes in Stardew Valley.

What is the highest paying crop Stardew? ›

Starfruit is, in many ways, both the most iconic and most profitable crop in Stardew Valley. It sells for a massive 750g, twice its buying price of 400g from the Oasis Shop, which must be unlocked by completing the Vault Community Center bundle.

What is the nicest farm in Stardew Valley? ›

It is recommended to either go for the Four Corners Farm, as it provides a little of everything and offers ample space for farming, or the Forest Farm, as its foraging and extra hardwood can be incredibly useful. You could also consider the Beach Farm if you're interested in a challenge.

What is the deepest level in Stardew Valley? ›

There is no limit to the number of floors, or levels, in the Skull Cavern (at least until the integer limit of 2147483647 is reached). Similar to the Mines, the player advances through floors in the Skull Cavern by finding a ladder on each floor, either by mining rocks or defeating enemies.

What is the max HP Stardew Valley? ›

Maximum health capacity starts at 100 points. Each increase in Combat Level adds 5 points to the player's health meter, with the exceptions of levels 5 and 10. Health points are only increased when levelling up to levels 5 or 10 if the Fighter and Defender professions are chosen.

What is the max cabins stardew? ›

Up to 3 cabins can be chosen at the start of a new co-op game, in "Nearby" or "Separate" layout. Up to 3 total cabins can also be added to a new or saved game, by visiting the Carpenter's Shop and choosing "Construct farm building" from the menu.

Who is the nicest person in Stardew Valley? ›

If you're looking for a kind, cheerful guy, then Sam is the one for you. Sam is a bit rebellious and reckless but ultimately is quite kind. He is also one of the only residents of Stardew Valley who is nice to players right from their very first meeting.

Who is the ex girlfriend in Stardew Valley? ›

Kel is Leah's ex (gender depends on the player character's gender) and he/she only actually appears during Leah's 8-heart and 10-heart events. However, the game does make references to Kel during Leah's other heart events.

Who is the easiest boy to marry in Stardew Valley? ›

Leah is Stardew Valley's Easiest Romanceable Character

While some characters scoff at gifted foraged items, Leah enjoys them.

Does Abigail go in the mines with you? ›

Once you max out her hearts, she does finally descend into the mines, and you can occasionally find her walking around on floor 20.

What does Sebastian hate in Stardew Valley? ›

What are the best Stardew Valley Sebastian gifts?
HateUniversal hates, omelette, farmer's lunch, complete breakfast, clay, eggs (other than void egg)
4 more rows
May 17, 2023

Can you divorce in Stardew Valley? ›

Once inside Mayor Lewis's manor, they should head towards the left side of his house, right beside his kitchen. There, they'll find two books. If they choose the book on the right, an options box will pop up to ask if the player wants to get divorced.

How long is 4000 minutes stardew? ›

A preserves jar requires 4000 minutes to produce pickles or jelly. This will take 2-3 days, depending on what time of day the processing begins.

What is the max hour in Stardew? ›

The day cycle is a period of 20 hours in-game from 6am to 2am in which the player (farmer) is able to work and perform other activities around the Valley. The player will always wake up at the same time every day, but they are able to choose to go to bed whenever they like, which in turn ends the day.

What happens after 100% Stardew? ›

The perfection score measures how much of the game content a player has completed. Achieving a score of 100% unlocks extra endgame content.

What game has the most mods ever? ›

The 10 MOST Modded Video Games of All Time
  1. Minecraft. It's no surprise that the most popular video game of all time is also the most heavily modded. ...
  2. Garry's Mod. Garry's Mod is another sandbox style game that was created with the intention of being heavily modded. ...
  3. Half-Life. ...
  4. Doom. ...
  5. Skyrim.
Mar 9, 2022

What should be my first mod? ›

5 First Mods to do to Your Car
  • Coilovers. First and foremost, we feel that coilovers are definitely one of the best first mods you can do to your car. ...
  • Wheels. Wow, this one probably comes as a surprise from a wheel company. ...
  • Tires. Tires are the most aesthetically subtle way to drastically improve your car. ...
  • Exhaust. ...
  • Aero.
Feb 17, 2020

What is the most easiest game engine? ›

The Best Game Engine for Beginners in 2023:
  • Unity: Developed by Unity Technologies, Unity is one of the world's most popular game engines and has been used to create some of the biggest titles in gaming. ...
  • Unreal Engine: Another popular engine is unreal game development engine. ...
  • GameMaker: ...
  • CryEngine: ...
  • Phaser: ...
  • Godot:
Jan 11, 2023

Can you kiss your wife in Stardew Valley? ›

Kissing your spouse will remove exhaustion from your energy bar. This works only with the first kiss of the day, when a heart appears over your heads.

Can I marry my BF in Stardew Valley? ›

Yes, you can marry other players in Stardew Valley!

Does Caroline cheat in Stardew Valley? ›

The Mystery of Abigail's Father

Likewise, Caroline may tell the player that she used to go on "secret walks" to the Wizard's tower, but to keep this fact a secret from Pierre because he might get jealous. The subtle implication here is that Caroline's had an affair with the Wizard.

What is the rarest crop in Stardew Valley? ›

Sweet Gem Berry

Sweet Gem Berries are undoubtedly the rarest and most difficult-to-obtain crops in Stardew Valley. They can only be grown from Rare Seeds, so you can't directly purchase them from Pierre, Joja Mart, and the like.

What is the range of a Junimo hut? ›

The range of a hut is a 17x17 area centered on its doorway. This is 8 spaces in each direction, but the building's footprint covers one space to each side and above. This means that each junimo hut covers a total of 289 tiles, or 283 counting the hut's footprint. Junimos will not collect crops in the rain.

What is the most challenging farm Stardew? ›

Riverland farm layout

The map is almost entirely covered with water, which means crop tiles are few and far between. This presents a significant challenge because fishing, especially with early game equipment, is one of the hardest skills to master in Stardew Valley.

Is Ancient Fruit good? ›

Not only are they worth plenty if you want to start selling them for some extra cash, but they make excellent gifts. They can even be used to make wine, which is a lucrative option for saving more money.

How do you make money fast in Stardew Valley? ›

12 Fastest Ways To Make Money In Stardew Valley
  1. 12 Fishing.
  2. 11 Foraging.
  3. 10 Farming Mixed Seeds.
  4. 9 Tree Tapping.
  5. 8 Crops That Keep Producing.
  6. 7 Artisanal Goods.
  7. 6 Raising Chickens.
  8. 5 Gems And Crystalariums.
May 8, 2023

Is corn worth it Stardew Valley? ›

On the other hand, if you leave corn through the change of season, it's actually pretty good. You'll get (hopefully) 11 harvests out of your corn if you plant it on the first day of summer. This takes the abysmal profits of one season and supercharges them, giving you much more value for the money you spent on seeds.

Who is the best spouse for the farm Stardew Valley? ›

When it comes to Stardew Valley, Abigail is undeniably the best potential marriage partner. Ignoring that Abigail is the only partner who will join you in the mine for adventures and play video games with you, no other love interest is as imaginative and energetic as Abigail. Also, she eats quartz.

What should I put as my favorite thing in Stardew Valley? ›

Players should simply choose something that's personal to them that will make the experience of finding a Stardrop more special.

What map is best for farm Stardew Valley? ›

For players that love to forage and harvest things out in the wilderness, the Forest Farm map is definitely a solid choice. This farm will spawn hardwood stumps and has a chance for different foraging items to be found in the clearing on the left side of the map.

Do you get older in Stardew Valley? ›

Ageing doesn't happen in Stardew Valley

Once they are born, they will age to toddlers in another 14 days. But that's where the aging stops. They will stay toddlers for the rest of the game, no matter how long that is. The same can be said for players, though they don't age even for the 14 days like babies do.

What level has the most diamonds Stardew? ›

Diamonds seem to only form at mine level 50 or greater. At level 50, approximately 1 in 500 stones will be diamond-rich. A Diamond is arguably the best gem to duplicate in the Crystalarium, providing the largest source of money as a gem.

What does the dog statue do in Stardew Valley? ›

By unlocking the Sewers, the player will gain access to the Statue of Uncertainty. This strange shrine allows them to change Professions as often as they'd like, for a price, of course. It can be beneficial to change Professions often.

What is the max kids in Stardew Valley? ›

You can have only two children: one male and one female. The gender of the first child is random, and the gender of the second child is the opposite of the first child. Children never grow up past the Toddler stage (Stage 4).

What is the child limit in Stardew Valley? ›

In Stardew Valley, players can have a maximum of 2 children at a time and the children can only grow to toddler age. After 2 children, the spouse will stop asking the player if they want to have a child. Stardew Valley is available now on mobile devices, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

Can Linus live on your farm? ›

"I'd like to invite Linus to live on the farm with me." - Robin will offer to build a home on the player's property, but Linus politely declines, albeit a little hurt since he says he chooses to live the way he does. He then tells the player he appreciates their friendship, but they shouldn't try to "help" him.

What happens if you delete a Cabin Stardew Valley? ›

This will permanently remove the player who occupies the cabin from the game. The player's inventory (other than tools) will appear in a chest in place of the demolished cabin.

What is the maximum zoom in Stardew Valley? ›

However, you can also adjust the zoom to the desired percentage by using the (+) or (-) buttons in the Options tab. As of now, the recommended maximum zoom-out scale is 75%. At this scale, you can play the game ideally. You may increase the magnification to 60% (depending on the monitor and resolution) if needed.

What is the best selling in Stardew Valley? ›

Starfruit is, in many ways, both the most iconic and most profitable crop in Stardew Valley. It sells for a massive 750g, twice its buying price of 400g from the Oasis Shop, which must be unlocked by completing the Vault Community Center bundle.

What is the most powerful item in Stardew Valley? ›

1 Infinity Gavel

The highest-ranking club-type weapon is the Infinity Gavel. It is made from a Galaxy Hammer and three Galaxy Souls in the forge (plus the 60 Cinder Shards), so it's a little bit of work. But, it's absolutely worth it. Its damage is 100-120, making it the most powerful melee weapon in Stardew Valley.

Who is the best Stardew player? ›

Top Players of 2021 for Stardew Valley
Player ID% of Game
12 more rows

What is the best thing to play Stardew Valley on? ›

Where should you play Stardew Valley if you want the full experience? The PC version will always be the optimal place to start a new life on a farm. For starters, this will always be the most up-to-date version of the game.

What's the most expensive item to sell Stardew? ›

While not the best way to make money, as you only get one of each per save file, the five Legendary Fish sell for the highest amounts of anything in the game.
1 Legendary Fish
  • Crimson Fish: 1,500g.
  • Angler: 900g.
  • Legend: 5,000g.
  • Glacierfish: 1,000g.
  • Mutant Carp: 1,000g.
Apr 2, 2023

What is the most profitable animal product Stardew Valley? ›

At its finest, Wool sells for a fair bit better than Dinosaur Eggs, making Sheep a better pick for profitability. Sorry to anyone who was getting excited to make a mini Jurassic Park. As a Rancher, your Wool will sell for 816 gold pieces if it is Iridium quality.

Are there cheat codes in Stardew Valley? ›

When it comes to Stardew Valley cheats, this is the big one! Every item in the game has a unique numerical code, and by using up to three of these codes each in [square brackets] as your character name, you'll spawn those items in your inventory every time your name is mentioned in the game.

What is the rarest item in Stardew? ›

The prismatic shard and galaxy sword are each incredibly rare so finding either, or both, is a real treat.

Who is the villain in Stardew Valley? ›

JojaMart is the main antagonistic faction of Eric "ConcernedApe" Barone's indie simulation role-playing game Stardew Valley.

Who is the god of Stardew Valley? ›

Yoba is an ancient guardian deity in Stardew Valley. Yoba is referenced multiple times throughout the game by different characters. There is also a shrine to Yoba found in the lower right corner of Pierre's General Store where you occasionally will find different characters paying their respects to the deity.

What is the best money start in Stardew Valley? ›

Aside from the Rare Seed which can cost a fortune from the Traveling Cart in Stardew Valley, Eggplant is the best bet for those looking to make a profit in their first Fall. Eggplant seeds cost just 20 gold at Pierre's, the base fruit sells for 60 gold, and it regrows every 5 days.


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